CPU 414-3 PN/DP

SIMATIC S7-400, CPU 414-3 PN/DP Central processing unit with: Work memory 4 MB, (2 MB code, 2 MB data), interfaces 1st interface MPI/DP 12 Mbit/s, (X1), 2nd interface Ethernet/PROFINET (X5) 3rd interface IF 964-DP plug-in (IF1)

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Work memory 2MB code and 2MB data; 0.01875ms/1000 instructions; 8KB DI/O; 64 connections; 1 x DP/MPI, 1 x PN and 1 slot for IF modules; capable of sending and receiving in direct data exchange; constant bus cycle time and processing in isochronous mode; routing; data record routing; PROFINET IO controller; supports RT/IRT; PROFINET interface and 2 ports; MRP; firmware V7.0