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The distributed frequency inverter SINAMICS G120D belongs to the SINAMICS G series. It provides the same benefits such as modularity and an innovative safety technology (Safety Integrated), and has a special design and a high degree of protection. With an emmidiate effect it has new functions like positioning, extended safety functions and safety digital inputs and outputs. Furthermore it supports PROFIengergy as the first SINAMICS drive. Thanks to the wide range of power ratings up to 7.5kW almost all inverter-related applications can be consequentially designed without electrical cabinets. Digital inputs and outputs at the unit allow sensors and actuators to be directly connected-up at the drive. The input signals can either be directly processed in the inverter and autonomous (independent) local responses can be initiated – or the input signals can be transferred and processed to a superoir control via Feldbus.

An overview of its strengths



With degree protection IP65 is ready to provide the best-in-class operational result under hard ambient conditions.


Made for distributed drive systems to be used in high range applications.

System overview

Voltage and power ranges3-ph. 380 V – 500 V AC ± 10% – 0.75 kW up to 7.5 kW
Types of controlV/f, FCC, Sensorless vector control (SLVC), Vector control with encoder feedback
degree of protectionIP65

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