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Consistent SIMOTION SCOUT engineering

Implement SIMOTION projects in 20 percent less time

SCOUT combines motion control tasks, PLC tasks, technology functions, and drive configuration in a single system. It provides you with all the tools you need to develop and manage your SIMOTION projects in a user-friendly, clearly organized “navigation center.” SCOUT makes all phases of engineering much more efficient, and helps you fully exploit the capabilities of SIMOTION with SCOUT TIA in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal).

Engineering – from a single source

More efficiency for your SIMOTION project

SCOUT is the user-friendly platform for quickly and efficiently developing software projects for your production plant. From project management and programming to configuration and parameterization as well as testing and commissioning – with SCOUT, you have perfect control over every step.

Even more engineering convenience with option packages

Graphic configuring with Drive Control Chart (DCC)

The additionally available Drive Control Chart (DCC) option package permits convenient graphic configuring in SCOUT, with no programming knowledge required. In addition, device functionality can be extended by means of freely available control, calculation, and logic blocks.


Graphic creation and optimization of cam disks

You can use the CamTool graphic extension package to create and optimize cam disks. CamTool supplements the CamEdit cam disk editor that is already included in SCOUT.

The curve is displayed in an x-y diagram with fixed points, lines, and interpolation points in accordance with VDI 2143. CamTool then uses these elements to automatically create a homogeneous, continuous curve that can then be optimized using the mouse.

Comprehensive support from project planning to commissioning





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