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The distributed converter for SIMOGEAR geared motors

Distributed SINAMICS G110M inverters belong to the SINAMICS G series. The distributed inverter in a high degree of protection (up to IP66) has a modular design, comprises a Control Unit and Power Module – and is designed to be used as an inverter integrated in SIMOGEAR geared motors.

An overview of its strengths



With degree protection up to IP66 is ready to provide the best-in-class operational result under hard ambient conditions.


  • The ready assembled and commissioned converter can be ordered as an option for SIMOGEAR geared motors. 
  • Using the same software tools (STARTER / Startdrive) as all SINAMICS drives. 
  • Fully integrated in Totally Integrated Automation.

System overview

Voltage and power ranges3 AC 380 V – 480 V +/-10% – 0.37 kW up to 4 kW
Closed-loop control modes: U/f control, FCC (closed-loop flux-current control), sensorless vector control
Degree of protection:up to IP66

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