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SINAMICS G120P - a broad portfolio with a specific focus

The converter serie SINAMICS G120P offers tailor-made solutions for building technology and process industries. With a particularly large power range from 0.37 kW to 630 kW, available in nine different sizes, all tasks are mastered individually. The converters SINAMICS G120P are designed for operation with SIMOTICS GP and SIMOTICS SD motors of the VSD10 and SIMOTICS FD motors line.

Overview of strengths

Versatile. Combinable. Application-specific.

Whether in ventilators for the supply and exhaust air of air conditioning systems, in pumps for heating and cooling circuits or compressors for refrigerating machines: the converter SINAMICS G120P are ideally suited to the special requirements of building technology and industrial applications.


  • many industry-specific functions for building technologies and process industries
  • tow-zone or multi-zone control and fire protection mode for long operation in case of emergency
  • highest safety level due to Integrated Safety functions for industrial applications


  • combinable converter with several Power Modules and flexible installation in the control cabinet or directly on site
  • modulare converter system consisting of Power Modules, Control Unit and optional Control Unit


  • versatile applicable for industrial applications and building technology
  • available worldwide with important functions such as speed control, setting range, efficiency and communication level

Type: Built-In and Wall-Mounting Units


Technical data at a glance
 Building technology Process industry
Power0.37 – 90 kW11 – 630 kW
Supply voltage3 AC 380 – 480 V3 AC 380 – 480 V and 3 AC 500 – 690 V
Control modesU/f control with stator flux orientation, vector control without encoderU/f control with stator flux orientation, vector control without encoder

Type: Cabinet Units

SINAMICS G120P Cabinet

Ready-to-connect converter cabinet units in the power ranges from 75 to 560 kW and from 315 to 630 kW.

The SINAMICS G120P Cabinet are available with cabinet widths from 600 mm in various degrees of protection up to IP54, and with two design versions.
  • Version A:
    offers sufficient space for all available options. 
  • Version C:
    space-saving version envisaged for applications where the power supply components are accommodated in a central low-voltage distribution and need to be provided again in the control cabinet.

The SINAMICS G120P Cabinets are available with du/dt-filter compact plus VPL (Voltage Peak Limiter). They limit both the voltage unit du/dt and the peak voltage to the strict limits of the standard IEC 60034-25. This reduces the load on the motor insulation and extends the service life of the motor.

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