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Drive-based SIMOTION D

128 axes per controller with a minimal cycle time of 0.125 ms

Our drive-based motion controller SIMOTION D integrates motion control, technology, and PLC functions directly into the drive. Your benefits: high machine cycle rates, reproducible product quality, significant cost savings, and reduced space requirements inside the control cabinet.


The perfect combination of controller and drive

Compact, flexibly scalable, economical, and highly responsive: With SIMOTION D, the PLC, technology, and motion control functions are integrated directly into the control module of the SINAMICS S120 drive system.

High performance on a small footprint

SIMOTION D requires about 50 percent less space than a conventional PLC with separate drive control. This makes the system ideal for distributed or modular automation solutions, particularly with complex machines requiring highly time-critical axis synchronization.

SIMOTION D areas of application

  • High-end machines
    The ideal solution for complex multi-axis machines  requiring shortest cycle times as well as optimal product quality through a deterministic and reproducible machine behavior.
  • Compact machines
    SIMOTION D is recommended wherever there is a need to implement complex applications in a small space. As the controller and drive are combined in a single system, SIMOTION D takes up very little space in the control cabinet.
  • Modular machines
    In modular environments SIMOTION D is available, for example, as a supplement to the SIMOTION P or SIMOTION C system. The systems are connected via PROFINET with IRT.
  • Distributed automation solutions
    SIMOTION D scores with multi-axis machines whose modules are each controlled by a SIMOTION controller, which mutually exchange process values in isochronous mode (distributed gearing). 
  • Harsh conditions
    With the SIPLUS variants, SIMOTION D is optimized for use under tough operating conditions (e.g. in atmospheres with harmful gases).

The perfect combination of controller and drive

Integrated cost-efficiency

Compact design

Response speed

Precisely scalable performance

Multifaceted versions

Always the right solution for your applications

Highly flexible and scalable: In addition to the single-axis version, high-performance multi-axis systems are also available in a number of performance variants.

Single-axis system

Multi-axis system

SIMOTION D D410-2 D425-2 D435-2
Version Single-axis system Multi-axis system Multi-axis system Multi-axis system Multi-axis system
Minimum cycle time for user task
1 ms
0,5 ms
0,25 ms
0,25 ms
0,125 ms
Maximum number of axes 8 (typical 2 to 3) 16 32 64 128

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