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SIMOTION P - Our most robust high-end motion control system

Failure rates tending to zero

Our SIMOTION P PC-based motion control system combines the robustness and openness of an industrial PC with full motion control capabilities. SIMOTION P is ideally suited for tough conditions, since the IPC design uses no rotating components such as fans or hard drives.



The perfect combination of an industrial PC with real time-capable motion control

High performance yet flexible: the SIMOTION P industrial PC impresses with its powerful PLC and full motion control functions.

Adaptable with no compromise on performance

With its broad range of PLC and motion control functionalities, SIMOTION P is suited for a wide range of applications, and its open Windows operating system makes it easy to integrate.

SIMOTION P scores with excellent flexibility – when selecting operating systems and processors, assembly options, or the wide range of communication interfaces.

Thanks to the latest PC processing architecture and cycle times of 0.250 ms with PROFINET IRT, SIMOTION P is also a strong performer.

Application areas

  • High-performance applications
    With its high processor performance and motion control software, SIMOTION P320-4 is predestined for applications with maximum performance requirements (such as hydraulic applications with highly dynamic position and pressure control loops). 
  • Retrofitting solutions
    Its ease of assembly makes SIMOTION P suitable not only for new systems but also for existing facilities that require retrofitting to bring them up to a future-proof state of the art.
  • Robust applications
    By avoiding the use of rotating parts in the PC, the SIMOTION P320-4 is extremely well-suited for robust applications. 
  • Applications using the Windows operating system
    Based on the Windows operating system, SIMOTION P makes the best possible use of the openness of standard applications, like flexible networking, data storage capacity, and integrated communication.

How you benefit with SIMOTION P

Cost efficiency




Customized communication

Broad range of applications

A robust solution for standard and embedded applications

SIMOTION P is characterized through motion control integrated in a Windows-based industrial PC – in both the standard and embedded versions.
ConfigurationMulti-axis systemMulti-axis system
Minimum cycle time for user task
0,250 ms
0,250 ms
Maximum number of axis128128

Operating system

Windows Embedded Standard 7Windows 7 Ultimate
ProcessorIntel i3 processor Intel i7 processor


CFast intern / CFast accessibleSSD intern / CFast accessible

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