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The intelligent interface for the Industrial Internet of Things

With SIMATIC IOT2000, you can easily connect your machines and plants to IT or the cloud and thereby make your production fit for Industrie 4.0 – for more efficient, transparent, and agile processes.

Fields of application

More transparency over your production

As an intelligent interface to your machine or plant, SIMATIC IOT2000 collects, analyzes, and transfers data to IT or the cloud. Numerous sample applications are available to help you get started on IoT solutions.

Collection and compression of relevant production data

SIMATIC IOT2000 extracts data from a variety of automation components and devices, such as controllers, sensors, and USB devices.

The system supports numerous protocols, such as the S7 Protocol, OPC UA, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP; UDP, MQTT Subscriber or Modbus RTU

via various interfaces, including RS232/422/485, Serial USB interface, Ethernet or WiFi via mPCIe.

Easily connect analog and digital sensors

SIMATIC IOT2000 IO-shields are specially designed to directly connect non-time-critical sensor data to SIMATIC IOT2000. This enables you to easily connect your sensors to the SIMATIC IOT2000 gateway – with the support of sample applications.


SIMATIC IOT2000 IO shield 5x DI, 2x DO, 2x AI:

  • ARDUINO shield with GPIO (I2C and SPI free)
  • Digital inputs: 5 x DI (24V)
  • Digital outputs: 2 x DO
  • Analog inputs: 2 x AI (0 to 10 V or 0 to 20 mA can be selected)

SIMATIC IOT2000 Input Module Sink/Source 10 x DI

  • ARDUINO shield with GPIO (I2C and SPI free)
  • Digital inputs: 10x DI sink /source (can be selected)

Customized processing and visualization of production data

Data processing with SIMATIC IOT2000 can be programmed individually using high-level languages. This makes it possible to implement many methods for processing, visualizing, and storing data.

Data processing for higher-level systems or trend recognition

by arithmetic operations (including mean values) or more complex algorithms, e.g. based on machine learning.

Local data visualization for status messages or analyses

as IOT2000 webserver application – easy to configure, e.g. as node-red dashboard or on a machine-level HMI panel by means of data exchange via OPC UA, S7 connection.

Integrated buffering before the data is transferred or further processed

with MySQL databases or on connected USB hard disk.

Secure and flexible data transfer to higher-level systems

SIMATIC IOT2000 converts data to the required protocol and securely transfers it to the higher-level IT system or the cloud. You can program the data transfer individually – SIMATIC IOT2000 supports the following solutions for data transfer and storage, among others:

Data processing for higher-level systems or trend recognition

via open protocols such as Mindsphere, AWS, Azure, IBM Bluemix and other Cloud Systems.

Data exchange with MES/ERP systems for applications, such as order control and purchase planning,

via open protocols such as MQTT & AMQP, OPC UA Server / Client, TCP / IP or SQL database accesses (write/read).

Data exchange with SCADA systems for production monitoring, execution, and visualization

via open protocols such as OPC UA Server / Client, TCP / IP or SQL database accesses (write/read).

Product details

Performance, openness, expandability – SIMATIC IOT2040

SIMATIC IOT2040 is an intelligent gateway that standardizes communication between various data sources, then analyzes and forwards communications to the corresponding recipients – and is easy to implement.

Reliable and open platform for Industrial IoT applications

SIMATIC IOT2040 is ideally suited as a gateway between the cloud or the company IT level and production. The openness of the system enables customized solutions.

Numerous options for programming in high-level languages

  • Yocto Linux Support
  • Easily expanded with Arduino shields and miniPCIe cards
  • Compact industrial design and DIN rail mounting
  • Energy-saving, high-performance Intel Quark processor and numerous interfaces: Intel Quark x1020 (+Secure Boot), 1 GB RAM, 2 Ethernet ports, 2 RS232/485 ports, battery-backed real-time clock
  • Proven, extremely rugged SIMATIC quality

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