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SIMOTION runtime software

Maximum flexibility in machine building

The SIMOTION runtime software combines a powerful runtime system with high-performance PLC functionality, diverse motion control and technology functions.

High performance and scalability

The runtime system for all your motion control applications

In addition to the basic functions of SIMOTION it’s possible to extend the range of technology functions as desired. With the various options to scale and expand the SIMOTION runtime software you can immediately realize customized solutions according to your specifications.

Customizable package of services

The SIMOTION runtime system includes the PLC functionality, the task system, and the entire range of SIMOTION technology functions that are integrated via technology packages. In addition, integrated function libraries allow the integration of special I/Os and communication modules and expand the system functionality (e.g. controller).

Versatile customization options

The perfect package for individual solutions

The SIMOTION runtime system is based on the interplay of basic functions and integrable technology packages and function libraries.

SIMOTION basic functionality

Function libraries

As part of SCOUT, function libraries make it especially convenient to integrate I/Os into the SIMOTION user program.

Building on the technology packages, a large number of industry-specific technology functions are available, such as for a rewinder or an unwinder.

SIMOTION technology packages

Basic functions can be flexibly adjusted to your current requirements through the addition of suitable technology packages. They can be conveniently accessed via the SCOUT command libraries and PLC open blocks.

Preconfigured industry-specific functions can be integrated into the project additionally.

How you benefit with SIMOTION P

High performance




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